About Tadblu

Tadblu started in 2016 with the design of memorial jewelry that looks and feels like real jewelry. Jewelry that can be worn by men and women on a daily basis and are a beautiful, elegant addition to everyone’s own style, so that you can carry your cherished loved one with you in a serene stylish way: Memorial Made Jewelry.

In addition, Tadblu wanted to make jewelry that would be of added value to the funeral director. In our original, patented designs, we have taken into account extra filling space in the ash holders, strategically placed threads for greater filling and closing convenience, and strong materials for durability.

Design Tadblu

All jewelry from Tadblu is designed and technically elaborated in-house.

Tadblu was the first creator of the men’s memorial bracelet in leather and nautical cord, and we also introduced the first pendants and rings with genuine original semi-precious gemstones in the funeral world.

We try to introduce a new design every year to stay at the forefront of the world of souvenir jewelery.


The jewelry from Tadblu is made with 316 stainless steel, which is suitable for almost all skin types, is durable and strong, and cannot break or tear. A closed and glued ash holder from Tadblu cannot ever open by itself nor come loose from the jewelry.

All bracelet closures are also made of 316 stainless steel, designed by Tadblu and produced especially for Tadblu.

In addition, we work with genuine cow leather, pig leather, strong nautical cord and genuine semi-precious gemstones with generally attributed healing properties.

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